1. 1.       As you wake up, stay in bed, open eyes, extend your legs and hands and do stretching.

By doing these, your muscles is relaxed and ready for an upcoming activities.

  1. 2.       Try setting alarm 15 minutes before we need to get up.

This way we have extra minutes to make extra stretches.

  1. 3.       Look at the mirror and smile

thank God that you are one of those beautiful creations.

  1. 4.       Pray

When you pray, it changes the unchangeable and moves the immovable.

  1. 5.       Listen to music

divert your stressful mind into something good

  1. 6.       Love the life we live, live the life we love each day.

It is in our own discretion, what will be our life

  1. 7.       Drink 2 glasses of water after jumping from bed

It will cleanse our systems, and it make us relax

  1. 8.       Shake your hands, many many times for 10 seconds

By doing so, combined with deep breathing you feel twice as much good

  1. 9.       Breathe Easily

Practice in hale and exhale, at least 3X a day, to stay away from stress

  1. 10.   Try walking and stretching your body at least every hour, even for 5mins.

It relieve the stress and tensions

  1. 11.   Read books and articles

It will divert minds into something good

  1. 12.   Visualizing Peace and Harmony

Close your eyes even for 3 seconds, Picture out the Harmonious Scene, like lying in the beach

  1. 13.   Keep Smiling

According to study, smiles can heal hundreds of  sicknesses

  1. 14.   Do Mathematics

In a scale of 1-10, 1 is the least and 10 is the greatest, assign a number whatever you feel anxious, we ll  found out that problems we encounter it only ranges from 1-5, it means stress is just minimal and just common to us.

  1. 15.   Be a Fighter and Winner

Don’t allow your self to self pity, in every problem there is a solution, and we need to overcome it, if we loose in one fight, try another fight

  1. 16.   Space out

Look out in a window, and look for natural creations that capture your imaginations

  1. 17.    Stare a Blue Sky (Calming Color) and watch a clouds float by.
  2. Watch a sunset

it will relieve tension

  1. 19.   Drink Hot milk before going to bed

it will let you forget all the bad memories of the day, and will give you good sleep

  1. 20.   Forgive someone
  2. 21.   Hold a sleeping baby

imagine yourself you’re that baby no stress at all.

  1. 22.   Light a scented candle

in a peaceful place inhale the fragrance and it will relieve a tension

  1. 23.   Hold a loveones hand or hug him/her.

The contacts  provide immediate relieves from stress

  1. 24.   Drink a glass of water and walk outside.

The water will gets your blood moving and air gets in to eliminates that distress you

  1. 25.   Stare a picture with friends/loveones

It will reminisce the times you are with them and it relieves tension

  1. 26.   Blow up a balloon in a slow three seconds puff
  2. 27.   Planting/Gardening

Tending your garden will help you commune with the nature and it’s a stress reliever

  1. 28.   Straight Up

A person who is stressed, it seems that he was carrying the whole world. Straightening our spine will promote circulation and lessen tension

  1. 29.   Playing

Play your favorite sports or play any games you wanted, and not noticing you have release those tension

  1. 30.   Plan Ahead

Looking forward for something provides calmness. Like buying a ticket on the concert or planning for a dinner in a restaurant.

  1. 31.   Share and talk to a Friend

Sharing your troubles will give you perspective, help you feel cared and love and lessen your burden

  1. 32.   Practice Mindfulness

Heighten your awareness of the moment by focusing intently in the thing will lead to relaxation.

  1. 33.   Admit You are Stressed

Recognizing your personal stress signals helps slower the build up of negative aspects and anxiety

  1.  Rub your Hands

Rub your hands together until they feel warm. Then put them in your closed eyes for seconds. The warm and darkness are comforting

  1. Say No

We are humans, so we should know our limitations. We should stop pleasing everybody for we cant please everybody really.

  1.  Develop a Positive Attitude

The times you feel as if your life is one disaster, Repeat 10X “I feel Calm” “I can handle this”

  1. Stop Gritting Your Teeth

Stress settle in jaw, so when things go hectic, place your index fingertips in your jaw points and just in front of your ears; clench your teeth and inhale deeply. Hold the breath for a
moment, and as you exhale say, “Ah-h-h-h,” then unclench your teeth. Repeat a few times.

  1.  Make a mini-Self Massage

Simply massage a palm of one hand by making a circular motion with the thumb of the other.

  1. 39.   Say Thousand Words Per Day

Talking is one way of exposing ourselves and it will relieves tension

  1. Be Honest

In everything that we do, whenever, whoever, and wherever, we should be honest even if others are not, and it really relieves anxiety and tensions.



Best Friend is a very special person in our life.. He is the person we first  think when we are making plans.The first person whom we go when we need someone to talk. He is a shoulder to cry on when we feel that we are carrying the whole world. He will try the most hardest thing to cheer we up, He has the best hugs and comfort in the world to lessen the pain. We can tell him everything, nothing, deepest moments, embarrassing times and everyday moments.

But why we wanted to talk to a best friend? We wanted to have that best friend in life and wanted to talk to him everyday because we know he is there for us no matter what happened, he is there with his constant love and affection and care, for best friend will love you because of being you, wipe our tears and take all our bad days and brighten and enlighten our days, he is there to give us inspirations and color in our life w/o asking anything in return.

But what happened if we lost a best friend?Best friend is very important in our lives to move on…then when best friend was not there anymore, it seems you lost the world too, since No one to share the feelings and the happenings in life, no one to cry one, no one to hug, no one to wipe our tears, and no one to encourage us to keep going as life is beautiful and we are the most beautiful creatures created by God. Its a big emptiness to lost a best friend, The colors that have painted in our smiles have been torn down too, The inspirations and the visions and the dreams that have planned have been shattered too.

Can we replace a best friend? WE cant replace a best friend, since the sincerity and the loyalty and the love and care and sparks he has in our hearts remains forever..

How i wish i can have again my best friend..A best friend who always there for me, but sometimes in this world, the only permanent is the word change, and everything changes for just a blink of an eye, but perhaps he changed for a reason, reason that make his life reasonable too, as a best friend although it hurts we should support him.

God bless you best friend.


Natal day is the most memorable day of our lives, it is the day when we were born.. it was also the day every year to remind us that God is faithful in giving our lives desires.It is also the day that we should thank God for a full whole year of blessings and full whole year of guidance and protection.

Sept.11 is a very memorable date since everyone remember as the world trade center tragedy, and for me it was memorial and very special since this is my natal day.. Sept. 11, 2011 is just one of the most unforgettable date that i cant forget, since for the first time in the history of my life and in the history of my life in high skill technical training center for the first time i celebrated my b-day full of surprises and full of joy…

Students from different sessions made surprises: gifts, food, hugs, kisses and everything they did in making my special day even more special, but i was so touched w/ my sunday afternoon surprises it was was simple yet super touchy..they made cards and scrapbook, they put candles cake and let me blew it…i felt i was like a celebrity because of their surprises. It is a nice feeling to reminisce a moment like what they did.. Well, celebrations didnt ended there, i thought i will spend that day on night time at church at my family but, after church a super naughty person, a former student who are now close friend, wanted to met me, then there another surprises waited me..not only that one former student but 5 to celebrate w/me…wow what a b-day..

I told God that have given me lots of trials but you bless me uncountable blessings, blessings not really materials, but hundreds of people who love me…and its a good blessings…

Thanks you dear God for making my special day memorable and for making me as blessing to others.


It is said that technology keep on increasing and increasing everyday, thus the world is keep on changing. We can see the world with a great improvements and people are benefited those high technology..but in return what are the disadvantages of  having high technology?w/ the way of living its NO NO but how about in your health? well, because of high technology, our health has high technology and everything is instant we get instant  sickness too, like cardiac arrest, cancer, diabetes, migraine, highblood pressure etc. so since we are enjoying in this kind of world how could we stop this? nothing and nobody can stop it..only prevention can help and only God can.



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